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Colour Palettes in the Kitchen

From Canvas to Worktop

In the world of design and art, the kitchen has long been more than just a functional space for preparing meals. It is a place of creativity, gathering with friends and family, and hospitality. When planning and designing a kitchen, many factors come into play, from furniture and textile selection to lighting. An often underestimated but crucial aspect is colour scheme.

Colours have a significant impact on our mood and perception. Colour psychology shows that each colour has its own meaning and can evoke different emotions.

Colours can be used diversely in kitchen design. They are found not only in the form of fronts but also in worktops made of natural stones or ceramics, as well as in the various materials used for kitchen elements.

For a dose of inspiration, swipe through our galleries below and explore different kitchen colour palettes in action.

Energy and Relaxation

Rusty reds or earthy tones can symbolize passion and energy without being overpowering. Blue in rich shades such as midnight blue or azure blue can create a relaxed atmosphere and visually enlarge the space.

Bold and Vibrant

Green tones convey freshness and health and combine particularly well with natural materials like wood. Yellow and orange can uplift the mood and create an inviting atmosphere, but they should be used sparingly.

Timeless Neutrals

Brown and soft beige tones radiate warmth and security and can be integrated through natural materials such as wood to create a rustic atmosphere.

Monochrome Elegance

Black and white are known as "non-colours." Black and dark gray are current trend colours for kitchens. However, their use requires careful consideration, as an all-black kitchen can quickly evoke a sense of confinement and melancholy. Black works better as a targeted contrast element or in combination with other colours. White symbolizes purity and clarity and is perfect for modern, minimalist designs.

When considering colour schemes in the kitchen, it's important to take into account the size of the space, natural light, and personal expression. Combining different colours can create visual interest and depth, while colourful accents can liven up the space. 

Overall, colour scheme in the kitchen is more than just an aesthetic decision. Through conscious selection of colours, an inviting, cozy, healthy, or creative atmosphere can be created, turning the kitchen into a place of enjoyment and inspiration. Colour allows for personal and individual expression, making the kitchen a unique space.

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