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Crafted by Hand: The Art of Lacquering

It looks so simple. In a fluid motion, the spray gun glides over the front piece, the mist of paint falls evenly millimeter by millimeter onto the surface. No jerking, no stopping – it's the smooth hand movement while painting that ensures the paint spreads evenly on the surface. It's this rhythm that's so difficult to learn, and so even at Poggenpohl, there are few painters who master this technique to perfection.

But it's often in demand. Because anyone opting for a Poggenpohl kitchen has the choice of all possible RAL and NCS colors. This is made possible by highly qualified employees who first mix the right color, add hardener, pay attention to a short drip time, and even keep an eye on the weather because paints behave differently under changing climatic conditions. Whether matte or high-gloss paint, it takes a lot of experience to provide the pre-painted components with the perfect finish. Once this paint is applied, the front rests for a day before a very fine polishing and a final buffing ensure the right finish.

Real craftsmanship is required. Even the smallest parts must be delivered with exactly the same surface as the fronts.

Exemplifying precision and craftsmanship, our meticulous hand lacquering process embodies the essence of what makes Poggenpohl kitchens truly exceptional.

Especially the so-called architect color RAL 9010 is frequently requested. However, one shouldn't really speak of standard and custom colors, because it's the quality and breadth of Poggenpohl's offerings that define the choice. That's the difference from mass producers.

For someone walking into a kitchen studio with just a few square centimeters of color from a color swatch, it might be difficult to imagine how that color will look in an entire kitchen. So, in the paintshop at the headquarters in Herford, a single sample front is painted first, sent to the customer, and their judgment awaited. Once the sample is approved, the production process for that kitchen begins in Herford.

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