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Poggenpohl welcomes you to Milan Design Week 2024 with an exhibition showcasing the kitchen as an independent sculpture that enriches the atmosphere of the room far beyond its functional purpose. The exhibition presents several studies of the iconic +MODO. 

Originally and once again designed by Jorge Pensi Design, the characteristic features of the design have been continued, skilfully staging the relationship between gravity and light.

Design Statement: Jorge Pensi

"Poggenpohl has understood how to create a design that radiates lightness and freshness. It's about showing more than hiding – a homage to those who enjoy presenting their treasures. The +MODO kitchen is the perfect combination of design, form, and functionality, with wonderful hidden details and technology that you can feel but not see."

A filigree metal structure provides the architectural basis for the +MODO studies. With pull-out trays and only one central cabinet element, it creates two almost open levels. Completing the apparently floating ensemble, the imposing countertop underscores the unique lightness of the design.

This formal architecture is impressively emotionalised through the use of light. As a central momentum, it is light that transforms this +MODO study into a sculptural object. The room is not only haptically, but now above all also visually staged. 

The natural stone worktop is illuminated homogeneously from the inside across the entire surface. Endless colour compositions can be set to personalise the room and enhance the emotional and atmospheric mood.

Illuminated Composition

The design is impressively emotionalised through the use of light transforming it into a sculptural object. Every detail is meticulously crafted to elevate the experience, infusing emotion and transforming it into a sculptural masterpiece. The interplay of materials adds an extra layer of individuality and luxury to this unparalleled composition.

Visionary Aesthetics

Crafted from a light natural stone, with darker veins allowing light to shine through magically, the worktop becomes a source of radiant beauty. lluminated pull-out trays feature a railing of the same stone. The composition creates an extraordinary and individual piece of art.


The Palazzo Landriani, a jewel from the 16th century, impresses with original elements such as Doric pilasters and terracotta decorations. The façade was altered in the 17th century, while the interior features a colonnade in the style of Bramante and fascinating frescoes by Bernardino Luini, among others. Located in the heart of Milan’s Brera district, Palazzo Landriani is now home to the Istituto Lombardo Accademia di Scienze e Lettere.

Palazzo Landriani (Brera), Istituto Lombardo, Via Borgonuovo, 25, 20121 Milano

New Interpretation

Poggenpohl exhibits an interpretation of +MODO by German manufacturer Bernd Kussmaul GmbH. Bernd Kussmaul specialises in highly technical customisations, particularly in the field of luxury sports car, yacht and jet design. Accordingly, the aesthetic and materiality of the object borrow from these areas with light playing a central, defining role in the design.

Light and Illumination

The design is given a central role in terms of light and lighting: The trays are not only boldly contrasted with a blue flocked surface and illuminated by spotlights built into the steel frame, but also reveal a pattern in the inset metal bases.

Innovative and Extraordinary

Successfully transferring styles from the luxury sports car, yacht, and jet design sectors, the approach is particularly visible in the imposing worktop made from polished aluminium. The result is an extraordinary adaptation: the +MODO study by Kußmaul.

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