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Viktoria Rebensburg

From the Slopes to Culinary Art at Lake Tegernsee

On the picturesque shores of lake Tegernsee, nestled between majestic mountains and crystal-clear waters, a new door to culinary delights and personal fulfillment opens. Here, in the heart of Bavaria, you'll encounter a remarkable woman who not only sets new standards on the ski slopes but also in her own kitchen: Viktoria Rebensburg.
For Viktoria, the transition from professional skiing to the world of culinary delights is a natural evolution. "Nutrition has always played a significant role in my life," she explains with a smile that reflects memories of her successful skiing career. "As an athlete, it was essential to listen to my body and give it exactly what it needed."

Now, with the red slopes behind her, Viktoria finds her new passion within the expanses of her kitchen. "It's incredibly rewarding to indulge myself in my kitchen now," she says. And indeed, her kitchen is a masterpiece of functionality and design. "The highlights of my kitchen for me are the spaciousness, the diverse possibilities, and the seamless connection to the living area," Viktoria explains enthusiastically. "Here, I can finally cook at a high-end level and express my creativity."

A special element of her kitchen is the +MODO Island, a statement piece in elegant black that perfectly complements her alpine chalet style. "Black, for me, is a sophisticated contrast to the natural tones that define my home," she says.

But Viktoria is not just a passionate cook; she is also a committed ambassador of her homeland at Lake Tegernsee. "The region means a lot to me," she emphasizes. "I grew up here; I feel at home here."

Lake Tegernsee, with its rich history and pristine beauty, is not only a retreat for celebrities but also a place of tradition and hospitality. From royal summer residences to cozy taverns, the region offers a wealth of experiences for visitors from around the world.

"The kitchen is not just a place for cooking, for me it's also a place for living"

For Viktoria, it is now time to share her experiences and passions with others. As a certified metabolism coach, she strives to help people unleash their full potential and lead a healthy, fulfilling life. "The kitchen is not just a place for cooking, for me it's also a place for living" she says thoughtfully. "Here, you can discover new things, evolve, and above all, enjoy."

Inspired by her homeland at Lake Tegernsee and her personal journey of change, Viktoria wants to remind us that life is full of opportunities as long as we are willing to seize them. And as the sun sets over the peaks of the Bavarian Alps, Viktoria remains in her kitchen, ready to experience new culinary adventures and share her newfound passion for cooking with others.