It’s the details of craftsmanship that set Poggenpohl apart, evidence of the skills and perfectionist ethos of our craftsmen and women. The carefully smoothed and hand-sanded finish that creates our famous mirror-finish high gloss lacquer surfaces. The immaculate alignment of doors, drawers and worktops. We marry traditional craftsmanship with the best of modern technology for a kitchen that will be a pleasure to touch, use and work in. Now, and for years to come.

Poggenpohl Craftsmanship - Renowned Expertise

Renowned expertise

Poggenpohl craftsmanship is famous throughout the world. Many of our skilled craftsmen and women have been with us since joining the company as apprentices, and now in turn help to pass on their expertise and skills to the next generation. This depth of skill across the company means we can make the best use of modern materials and technology and turns the ordinary into the exceptional.

Innovation with tradition

At Poggenpohl, our techniques unite the best of modern technology with time-hallowed craft skills. State of the art computer-controlled cutting and milling equipment ensures absolute precision time after time, yet every finished Poggenpohl kitchen is also the result of hand craftsmanship. Naturally, testing and quality control ensure that every stage of the process is up to perfectionist standards. For each of our customers, the result is a bespoke kitchen made to unsurpassed standards.

Poggenpohl Craftsmanship - Modern & Traditional
Poggenpohl Factory - Craftsmanship Shaping

An investment in time

Each kitchen is made to measure and built to an individual order. Every cupboard and cabinet is hand-assembled and checked many times during its production. The results of their handiwork will continue to look stunning and work beautifully for decades to come.

A reflection of quality

For decades, Poggenpohl has been known for its skill with high gloss surfaces and lacquer. The company’s innovative ten-layer polishing technique set new standards of flawless brilliance, and today’s finishes maintain that world-leading reputation. Before the final coats of lacquer are applied, the surfaces are hand sanded to perfection. The result is a glossy, reflective surface with a mirror-like finish – a stunning showcase of craftsmanship and design.

Visit your nearest studio and discover how a high gloss surface can grant purity and openness to a kitchen space.

Poggenpohl Craftsmanship - Detailed Perfection