Custom Made

A Poggenpohl kitchen is built to order. Our designers start with a blank sheet of paper – and the customer’s brief. The home, tastes and way of life of each client is considered before our skilled designers begin to create a kitchen that is precisely designed for the space and the people who will use it. Every cabinet, drawer and worktop is built to the precise dimensions of the customer's home at our factory in Herford, right down to the last millimetre of space. That’s why every Poggenpohl kitchen is as individual as our customers are.

Poggenpohl Craftsmanship - Absolute Customization

Customised perfection

We have made Poggenpohl kitchens for all kinds of homes in over 70 countries around the world. Whatever the size and architecture of the built environment, our designers start with a clean sheet of paper and work from there, taking full account of the space and the customer’s preferred design theme to create a unique, individual kitchen. Whatever the brief, we aim for perfection.

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Endless possibilities

The wide range of materials, finishes and colours available in the Poggenpohl range, combined with the bespoke production of every cabinet, means that no two Poggenpohl kitchens will ever be the same. As well as our own ranges of finishes and shades, which are inspired by natural coloursPoggenpohl also offers a bespoke colour matching service for any colour defined in the RAL and NCS colour ranges. The possibilities are infinite.

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Poggenpohl Craftsmanship - Endless Possibilities
Poggenpohl Made to Measure - Black Ruler

Made to measure

Whatever the dimensions of a customer’s kitchen, we make our cabinets and worktops to fit – precisely. After all, rooms are rarely a standard, exact length, width or height so Poggenpohl’s ability to make bespoke cabinets to precise dimensions eliminates awkward gaps or wasted corners. This means that every millimetre of space in a kitchen is put to good use, for a calm, logical and enjoyable cooking and living environment.

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Bespoke dimensions

Our base units are available in a variety of heights from 39 cm to 78 cm; wall units in heights from 39 cm to 91 cm; and our tall units can be specified in several heights from 130 cm to 221 cm. As our plinths can also be any height from 8 cm to 26 cm, there’s no space and no location that a Poggenpohl kitchen can’t fit. It’s the same with unit widths – that why there’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ Poggenpohl kitchen, just as there’s no such thing as a standard room. The result is a made-to-measure living space that reflects your individual needs and personality.

Poggenpohl Details - Plinths