In 1892 Friedemir Poggenpohl set up a small furniture company and showroom. His aim? ‘To improve the kitchen’. And ever since, generations of Poggenpohl craftsmen and designers have done exactly that. Here are some of our milestones in kitchen design and craftsmanship.

Poggenpohl 1892-1914 - Reform Kitchen


The first German kitchen brand - established in 1892 by Friedemir Poggenpohl.

Poggenpohl 1892-1914 - Reform Kitchen 4


Poggenpohl presents the reform kitchen with interconnecting cabinets with functional interiors, a forerunner to unit kitchen and fitted kitchens.

Poggenpohl 1930-1939 - Ten-Layer Polishing Technique


The Poggenpohl 'ten-layer polishing technique' establishes the brand's lacquer expertise. Its fame spreads far beyond Germany.

Poggenpohl 1945-1961 - First Unit Kitchen


Poggenpohl presents form 1000, the first unit kitchen, at the Furniture Fair in Cologne. Exports to neighbouring countries starts at the end of the decade.

Poggenpohl Historie - 1960 form2000 CG honiggelb


Poggenpohl presents form 2000 at the Furniture Fair, marking the progression from a unit kitchen to a sophisticated fitted kitchen range.

Poggenpohl 1962-1979 - Form2000


Poggenpohl presents the first solid wood kitchen, starting a trend to wood kitchens in the Seventies.

Poggenpohl 1970 - Luigi Colani Round Kitchen


Poggenpohl presents 'experiment 70'- a bubble kitchen by Luigi Colani, which provides a futuristic impression of the year 2000.

1982 Dimension 75


Poggenpohl introduces the niche range 'dimension 75', which sets completely new standards in kitchen design and is awarded a European patent.

1995 +MAXMORE Großkorpussystem


Poggenpohl sets a benchmark in efficiency with a large-carcass system.

Poggenpohl 1999-2003 - Titan Grey and Light Yellow


Poggenpohl continues its heritage of innovative design leadership through presenting +SEGMENTO and +ALU2000 at the Cologne Furniture Fair.

Poggenpohl 2004 +INTEGRATION


Poggenpohl introduces the design concept +INTEGRATION at the Eurocucina in Milano. Uniquely, this concept pioneers the integration of working and living spaces.

Poggenpohl 2005 +MODO


Poggenpohl presents +MODO in cooperation with the renowned designer Jorge Pensi.

Poggenpohl 2007 - Poggenpohl Porsche Design Kitchen P7340


With Porsche Design Poggenpohl presents the P'7340, the first and only 'kitchen for men' in the world.

Poggenpohl 2006 - Dining Desk Study


Together with Draenert, Poggenpohl presents the Dining Desk, uniting living, cooking and communication.

+ARTESIO polar white and brushed pine


The new +ARTESIO kitchen by Poggenpohl was designed in collaboration with renowned Iranian-born architect Hadi Teherani.

Poggenpohl P´7350 Black


P´7350 Design by Studio F. A. Porsche

Poggenpohl +STAGE Tea - Tee


+STAGE Intelligent design for maximum flexibility

Poggenpohl +VENOVO


+VENOVO Freer, more playful, more informal – more personal. Who says that a kitchen always has to look like a kitchen?