Innovative Design

At Poggenpohl, we have been in the forefront of a revolution in interior planning for over 120 years, removing the barriers between kitchen and living rooms to create an environment that is both inviting and logically laid-out. We work with leading designers and organisations to reinvent the kitchen, enabling our customers to use the space for cooking, relaxing and interacting with others in a more rewarding and creative way. With Poggenpohl, the kitchen is no longer just a place to cook – it’s a living space.

+ARTESIO polar white and brushed pine

Holistic Design

At Poggenpohl, we think first in terms of the space, rather than the units or cabinets to fill it. This philosophy is central to the designs that we offer and underpins the approach of Poggenpohl studio designers to each commission. This unique way of thinking means that a Poggenpohl kitchen not only looks unique; it also functions in a more satisfying and ergonomic way. Take the +ARTESIO range; this was the first kitchen concept designed to link the cooking and the living spaces, with the unique +ARTESIO arch as its defining focal point.

Maximum drawer space

At Poggenpohl, we’re not content to follow convention. We’ve even redesigned the drawer; unlike others, our drawers place the runners beneath the drawer, not at either side. This gives a broader uninterrupted space for our customers to use and enables us to use stronger, longer-lasting roller bearings for the drawer runners.

Get to know our drawer system

Poggenpohl Accessories - Pull-out with bread box
Poggenpohl Innovative Details - Locking Mechanism

Strength through design

Even the shelf supports within a Poggenpohl cabinet are carefully considered elements of the overall design. They’re immensely strong, capable of holding many times the load that even heavy crockery or utensils could ever place on them, yet they’re also discreet and can be repositioned as the customer’s storage needs change.

Magnetic plinths

A plinth has a simple design function – to create a pleasing visual base to a cabinet or island and close the gap between the bottom of a cupboard and the floor. Ours are attached by strong magnets, so they can also be easily detached for cleaning or access and then reattached without the needs for tools or specialist help.

Poggenpohl Innovative Details - Magnetic Plinth Panels
Poggenpohl Awards

International acclaim

Poggenpohl designs and ranges have amassed many international awards through the decades, a reflection of more than 120 years of design innovation. Timeless design, attention to detail and enduring quality have given Poggenpohl a global reputation. Awards and accolades confirm the company’s pre-eminence; a Poggenpohl kitchen represents a fusion of form with function that transcends fashion.

Pioneering ideas

Poggenpohl has constantly reinvented the kitchen and the way it’s used. The company was the first to introduce a white kitchen at a time when the traditional designs of its rivals were in dark wood; a bold step that made the space feel more inviting, clean and fresh. Later, the kitchen island – another Poggenpohl innovation - gave a new dynamism to the kitchen space, encouraging the whole family to use it for informal dining or interacting with each other. Recently new concepts like the +ARTESIO arch create a visual link between living, cooking and dining areas, encouraging the home’s occupants to enjoy and perceive the space in a holistic way.

Poggenpohl +MODO blossom white & marsh oak front view
Poggenpohl 1892 - Founder Friedemir Poggenpohl

History of innovation

In 1892 Friedemir Poggenpohl set out his vision to ‘improve the kitchen’. We have led the way in design ever since. Our designs and collaborations with leading thinkers in architecture go far beyond the cabinets and units to fill a room; instead, they offer new ways of using space itself for a more rich and rewarding way of life.

Poggenpohl Museum - Old Marketing Materials