Poggenpohl Milano Fashion Week 2019

Milano Fashion Week 2019

Jenny Monteiro Harmonica Fall / Winter 2019-2020

The store was theater of J. Monteiro Fall / Winter 2019-2020 Harmonica presentation.

The three shows in the program have seen the participation of hundreds of people who have admired the creations of the Milanese designer with Brazilian background.

A great success made possible by the collaboration with leading professionals in Milan who have created an exclusive event in the heart of the city.

  • EMA-BIA – silk hand bags designer. www.ema-bia.it.
  • Sheila Cunha - jewelry designer that takes inspiration from nature and especially Brazilian plants. www.sheilacunha.it
  • Fashion Avenue Academy – Make Up Artists, expertly curated by Vittorio Masciarelli. www.fashionavenueacademy.it
  • She Beauty Smart – hairdressers coordinated by Paolo Crepaldi, perfectly matched all the models involved in the show. www.paolocrepaldi.com – www.shebeauty.it
  • Max Life Luxury Club - sponsored the event with the food & beverage service. www.maxlife.it
  • Morena beer - Brewery and fermented beverage production company honored with a high-quality beer tasting. www.birramorena.com

The last but not the least, Poggenpohl showroom in Milan with Giulio Petito and Giorgia Campagna.

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