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Confident characters

A prominent appearance for the solitary units from Poggenpohl. They accentuate the room and underscore the cosiness of the kitchen with their elegant design. The furniture can be integrated into any of Poggenpohl's design concepts or as a free-standing element.

Structured Lightness

Order is a question of interpretation. While some organise their surroundings in a spirit of strict precision and clarity, others love orderly chaos. To Poggenpohl, order is structured lightness. The metal profiles of the Array 170 shelving system can be freely connected and thus naturally adapted to the available space. The invisible connections of the individual struts result in a calm image of floating lines, whether hanging from the ceiling, wall-mounted, or boldly soaring upwards.

Space for Beloved Objects

Like a glass treasure chest, the new Showcase series offers a protected space for special objects. Little collections and beloved everyday things find their place behind the glass door with subdued LED lighting. 
Various frames with flush integrated handles underscore the vivid nature of the presentation or take on a more subdued role. Depending on the selected glass, the exhibits can be completely hidden or silhouetted against the reflective back wall. The display cases are available in various heights.

Steadfast Free Spirit

+Stage, like a lively free spirit, feels at home in a multitude of configurations. Belonging entirely to the kitchen and integrated in cabinet systems or in the living room as a stand-alone element, the relaxed furniture emphasizes individual planning. Its greatest strengths, however, are hidden within. Only when opened do the pocket doors, which glide gently into the inside, reveal the richly varied interior fittings.

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