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Gravity of Light

Poggenpohl presents exhibits at the Milan Design Week 2024 exploring the dynamic interplay between gravity and light.

As a pioneer of the modern kitchen, Poggenpohl is constantly rethinking kitchens. Nothing embodies the human experience like the kitchen. It’s where we enjoy, feel and experiment. Where we share life’s pleasures and relish new experiences.

Now, we are continuing to evolve our idea of the modern kitchen for the digital world of today. We craft our kitchens as a unique environment in which the gravity of everyday life seems to dissolve. Freed from the ordinary, we encounter the luxury of the extraordinary. In the form of exceptional experiences that touch us emotionally.

With materials whose beauty and natural quality unleash sensory experiences.

With intelligent functions that are subtly integrated and inspire anew every day.

With an aesthetic that fascinates through its integration into the room down to the smallest detail.

For Milan Design Week 2024, Poggenpohl welcomes you with an exhibition that shows the kitchen as much more than a functional object, but rather as a stand-alone sculpture that provides an atmospheric spatial experience. “Gravity of Light” presents objects in which light appears to dissolve gravity in conjunction with the static structure.

Fittingly, the exhibition will take place in the rooms of the expressive and historic Palazzo Landriani, in the heart of the Brera design quarter. The presentation will focus on the large main hall on the ground floor, where visitors will be greeted by three studies of the +MODO. The theme of the exhibit will be brought to life by increasing the light intensity and opulence with each exhibit in a build-up of suspense.

A filigree metal structure provides the architectural basis for the +MODO concept kitchens. With pull-out trays and only one central cabinet element, it creates two almost open levels. The ensemble is rounded off by the worktop, which appears to float, emphasising the lightness of the design.

The surface lighting technology, developed exclusively for the exhibition objects, enables uniform lighting of the natural stone worktop from the inside. Individual mood lighting is made possible by adjusting the colour and intensity of the light. Additional spots can be individually directed to beautifully highlight favourite pieces. The light transforms the +MODO concept kitchen into a sculptural object and creates a fascinating spatial experience.

In the reading room of the Palazzo, Poggenpohl will exhibit an interpretation of +MODO by German manufacturer Bernd Kussmaul GmbH. Bernd Kussmaul specialises in highly technical customisations, particularly in the field of luxury sports car, yacht and jet design. Accordingly, the aesthetic and materiality of the object borrow from these areas. Once again, light plays a central, defining role in the design. The result is an extraordinary adaptation: the +MODO study by Kussmaul.

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