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New perspectives in kitchen architecture

Unique solutions developed from a myriad of possibilities: at this year’s in-house trade fair, Poggenpohl presents extraordinary interpretations of the modern kitchen.

Herford, 30. November 2021. The motif of the tableaus in the latest collection is Spotting New Dimensions; they reveal new perspectives in kitchen architecture. The brand’s new interior design sets the tone for the display at the Herford showroom and will soon be featured at all of Poggenpohl’s showrooms. 

The approaches to design in the kitchens on display are as diverse as life itself. Walking through the exhibition is like taking a journey through many different and inspiring worlds. The designs begin with warm, harmonious natural tones, continuing on to a forward-thinking return to simplicity and purity, and completing the journey with an expression of comprehensive comfort. Magical combinations of materials exude excitement, evoking emotional and tactile memories, whilst the captivating use of the colour white blurs the lines be tween form and materials. 

The kitchens are embedded in the new interior design from Poggenpohl, and together, they transform the showrooms into a holistic experience, a physical space for all your senses. The in-house architectural team at Poggenpohl partnered with specialists at the Ippolito Fleitz Group to develop the concept. These interior design experts brought their expertise in exceptional combinations of materials and colours to bear on the creative process and developed a visual approach to dividing the space. The use of unique methods of crafts manship and unexpected materials on the walls – such as oak slats stained in dark blue – will highlight the aspect of workmanship in the showrooms in the future; the tactile nature of the presentation transforms the kitchen into a sensory experience. 

Stepping into the showroom is like entering a gentle embrace. Poggenpohl welcomes you to the kitchen, the heart of the home, with a palette of warm colours and materials crafted with masterful workmanship. The sculptural kitchen island greets you with an openness that extends into the tall cabinet with glass display cases and the sideboard. The natural colours underscore the cosy experience, the centre of which is the +SEGMENTO kitchen island made of Brazilian quartzite. The Frame 6 series cupboard and sideboard fronts are made of smoked oak stained in a dark colour – a harmonious colour contrast to the light natural stone. The delicate frame boasts precise workmanship, underscoring the cosy atmosphere alongside the softly lit Showcase glass display cases. 

With archetypal elements, Poggenpohl references the search for simpler things and interprets the kitchen as a tantalising oasis. The water supply and the open fire are the decisive poles. Between them, the round table becomes a gathering place for relaxation and inspiration. The terrazzo sink is like an eternal wellspring of refreshment. The water flows gently out of the minimalist tap and runs off via a delicate seam in the long drainage surface. On the opposite side of the island, stainless steel trims the edges of the intentionally streamlined cooking area. A rectangular recess in the surface houses the hob with inset gas burners, serving as a counterpoint to the water supply. Like a hinge, the round oak veneer tabletop stained in matt black connects the +SEGMENTO cabinets in the bar. The pumpkin-coloured +VENOVO tall cabinet is an impressive presence, and the +VENOVO lowboard also benefits from the power of its harmonious colouring. 

In this open layout with immersive comfort, Poggenpohl combines high functionality with aesthetic highlights and cosy ambience. The essential functions – cooking, eating and communication – are the central focus of the kitchen island, which opens up to the room via the glass display cases from the Show case series. The bar, made of light ash veneer, stands at a right angle to the island, and its rounded corners and base make it all the more inviting. The Contour 3.5 series fronts on the base units and wall cupboards create an ex citing contrast. The satiny matt colour of the fronts draws the eye to the delicate, anodised frames. They are as subtle in their appearance as the Array frames. The shelving system defines the space between the worktop and the wall cupboards and provides easy access to accessories and ingredients. 

The vivid pattern of the eucalyptus, the mysterious hue of Persian quartzite and the brilliant colouring of onyx come together to create a sensuous tableau of elegance and modern opulence that sparks a flood of associations. The colour palette of the kitchen awakens memories of distant lands; sounds and exotic fragrances arise. Iridescent textures and surfaces pleasant to the touch give wing to further flights of fancy. Mystically lit from underneath, the emerald 

green stone slab seems to float above the +MODO cabinets with pull-out shelves. Its unique colouring lends it a sense of depth, whilst its impressive dimensions highlight the openness of the room. With veins of brilliant green and red-brown, natural onyx draws the eye as the wall covering of the kitchen unit. The integrated lighting in the Array shelving systems amplifies the effect. The ceiling-high cabinets with eucalyptus veneer make an elegant complement to the rest of the kitchen, serving as an architectural full stop. 

The scene unexpectedly opens up into something ethereal, like a Nordic winter landscape bathed in light. The colour white plays with light and density in an otherworldly way, and with well-balanced shades and nuances, Poggenpohl blurs the lines between form and material. In the centre of the kitchen unit, the water supply stands as a symbol of freshness and clarity. The generously sized basin made of hot rolled steel becomes the starting point of a little journey of exploration. The curves of the basin form a gentle contrast to the edges of the cabinets, and the nuanced gradations of the white on the cabinet fronts contrast softly with the colouring of the worktop, which is made of natural stone from the Bavarian Altmühltal valley. A clear line is drawn between the metal backsplash tiles, made of white bronze, and the rest of the kitchen. They reflect their environs like a frozen lake. And this is where the visuals are disrupted: rather than hidden or non-existent handles, the white fronts boast black knobs that clearly display their function. 

With five new kitchens, Poggenpohl is consistent in its interpretation of modern kitchen architecture, following the central theme of Spotting New Dimensions. With exceptional displays featuring new interior design, the company is underscoring the brand’s claim to innovation and precision craftsmanship. The design of the kitchen is in line with people’s individual needs and translates their ideas into the space in a modern way.

About Poggenpohl

Poggenpohl has a long tradition of innovation. As the inventor of the modern kitchen, Poggenpohl sustainably combines architectural concepts and applications with trend-setting design, superb craftsmanship and technical precision. Founded in 1892, the small cabinetmaker’s shop has evolved into the leading brand for German-made luxury kitchen architecture. 

Poggenpohl kitchens are manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Herford, Germany, ensuring their distinction and high standard of quality. The kitchens are sold in over 70 countries around the world, through an international network of the company’s own studios and authorised business partners. 


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