Detailed Perfection

With Poggenpohl, the closer one looks, the more there is to admire. A Poggenpohl kitchen is remarkable both for its innovative design and the perfectionist care that goes into every detail. We use a combination of advanced German engineering and the kind of individual attention that can only come from skilled craftsmanship. The result is a kitchen that is outstanding in every way, built for individuals who demand the very best.

Poggenpohl Craftsmanship - Lacquer

Flawless finish

In the 1930s Poggenpohl introduced a ten-layer polished lacquer technique that achieved a remarkable depth of shine. This gave us a reputation for uncompromising excellence that continues to this day. The Poggenpohl high-gloss lacquer surface demands perfectionist preparation. The mirror-finish gloss has to be flawless in every way, reflecting light and giving a stunning effect upon the finished cabinets.

Get to know some of our milestones in kitchen design and craftsmanship.


Strength with flexibility

The adjustable shelves feature solid metal supports that can stand up to immense loads of up to 50 kilogrammes per square metre – far more than the heaviest crockery, pans or appliances could ever place on them. The innovative locking mechanism in solid steel locks the shelf into place so that it adds to the strength of the cabinet, yet customers can alter the position of the shelves as their storage needs change. Our cabinets also feature solid back panels, so they are able to stand up to a lifetime’s use.

Poggenpohl Innovative Details - Locking Mechanism
Poggenpohl Innovative Details - Magnetic Plinth Panels

Magnetic attraction

Powerful magnets hold the plinth panels in position, giving the base units a finishing touch of visual continuity from floor to worktop. Yet they detach easily, without the need for tools, for access and to facilitate cleaning. It’s this kind of attention to detail that sets Poggenpohl apart.

Smart solutions

Our drawer runners are positioned beneath the drawer itself, maximising interior space and enabling more items to be stored within it.  To make the best use of this space, Poggenpohl offers a wide range of options for cutlery, spices, utensils, and host of other purposes.

Explore our accessories range and create the ideal solution for with all the attention to detail that Poggenpohl is known for.

Poggenpohl Accessories - Drawer and Pull-Outs with base Panel System - nut tree
Poggenpohl Accessories - Fold-away step ladder in plinth

Height of ingenuity

If required, our designers can include cabinet storage space for less frequently used items right the way up to ceiling height. To access these items, an ingenious compact step ladder can be stored in a cabinet plinth, helping you to make the best use of available space.

Discover our accessories and fittings - designed to meet the needs of each customer and make the best possible use of space.


Poggenpohl aims to provide its customers with delight in every detail. The +MOTION closing mechanism makes using your Poggenpohl kitchen a daily pleasure. A gentle touch is all that is required for the drawers and pull-outs to return to the closed position quickly and quietly.

Know more about the +MOTION drive.

Visit your nearest studio and discuss with one of our specialized designers about the +MOTION drive.

Poggenpohl Accessories - Drawer and Pull-Outs with base Panel System - nut tree
Poggenpohl Details - Hinges


At Poggenpohl , even the hinges are a marvel of engineering. Adjustable in three planes, they allow doors to be perfectly aligned. High-strength metal and a thicker pivot pin mean that they’ll stand up to a lifetime’s use. 

Light and clear

Interior lights for drawer units that switch on automatically when the drawer is opened provide bright and clear illumination, even in the furthest corners. This thoughtful design detail saves time and bother when searching for little-used items at the back of a drawer. 

Explore our lighting options designed and made to make your kitchen glow from the inside out.

Poggenpohl Accessories - Drawer and Pull-outs with LED lights